Tips to Successfully Cover Destination Weddings

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Now that you have booked your first destination wedding to cover as a photographer, you might be worried about what to do next. You must not worry since covering a destination wedding is not that different from shooting weddings locally. See how destination wedding photography Evanston works and guarantee that everything will flow as perfectly as possible. Here are the following tips to do so: 

Planning and logistics 

It’s really thrilling to have a chance to travel and work at the same time as your client’s wedding photographer. But all of that comes to the effective planning and logistics, so you won’t be late by a flight or you won’t scramble in the middle of the process. You should first prioritize to create all the itineraries and buy your tickets yourself. Make sure to arrive at the destination one day prior to the wedding ceremony, at least. If you don’t plan to extend your stay at that place, guarantee to leave the destination the following night or next day. This is because you would not want to think about airport shuttles, packing, and all that comes into traveling back home after pulling off an entire day covering a wedding. But, if you want to extend your stay, then you can always do so if you have an allotted budget for it. 

Research about the wedding’s location 

Since you will usually be in a foreign place, it’s already given that you’re not familiar with the place. As much as possible, take some time to research the location online for you to search for the best shooting locations within the place and for you to have an idea about what your working environment will look like. 

Maximize your time before the event starts 

It can really be overwhelming and exciting to take a dip in the pool after you’ve traveled to the wedding’s destination. But, it would be recommended to maximize your time prior to the event. Do some walking on the grounds and know more about the layout of the area. This can aid you to have a great idea about the probable places that are not too far from some of the wedding day’s important events. Or you can ask the planner or coordinator to provide you a brief tour about where the reception and ceremony will take place. 


Traveling with your gear and equipment could be stressful. You should not check-in your gear. As much as possible, take with you a carry-on case that you can always have by your side—particularly the most essential gear. Tripods and light stands are not as important as your go-to portrait lens and flash. If you always have your lens close to you, you won’t be worried about whether they will get broken or thrown during the trip. Aside from that, you can capture photos anytime you want while you travel to the airport, on the plane or anywhere you want. You can do your thing as you travel. n 

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